How you choose a Christmas tree

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A Christmas tree is essential if you want to celebrate Christmas. No matter where you are in December, you will see Christmas trees in different sizes and shapes and decorated with ornaments and bulbs. It is the most important Christmas symbol and evokes warmth and happiness in your home.

Choosing a Christmas tree is not an easy job and is individual. You need to spend the necessary time before you take the final decision which Christmas tree will be best for you; otherwise you might be disappointed and can destroy the real Christmas atmosphere in your home.

Here are some tips which may help you to choose the perfect Christmas tree for you:


Before you go shopping for a Christmas tree, it is important you know where you want to place your Christmas tree in your home and also the space you have. It is not a good idea to place your Christmas tree close to a heat source and it is really important you keep your Christmas tree away from places where there is risk for fire; for example a table with candles.

*Measure height, width and thickness of your Christmas tree

You need to take time for measuring at least twice the ceiling height and width of the space you have in your home where you want to place your Christmas tree. It is really important you don’t forget the height of the stand because it is extra space you need and you can get unexpected surprises. If you don’t pay attention to this issue the top of your Christmas tree may possible be higher than the ceiling of the room.

An often forgotten issue is the thickness and weight of your Christmas tree. It is important because your Christmas tree need to suit in the stand of the tree. You can better check before to prevent you need to buy another stand. It is best you take a tape measure with you if you go shopping for your Christmas tree to prevent the diameter of your tree trunk is not taller than the stand you have.

*Buy a fresh tree

It is important your Christmas tree looks fresh when Christmas will be celebrated. It is necessary to check the needles of your tree. These need to look shiny, green and really fresh. It is maybe useful to stump the tree a little bit and check if many needles fall on the ground. It may not happen that green needles fall on the ground otherwise your tree will probably be cut for a long time. It is maybe best to ask how long ago the Christmas tree has been cut. If you notice many brown needles, the chance is high your tree is not fresh anymore.

*Kinds of Christmas trees

There are several kinds of Christmas trees and it is an individual choice which one you prefer. Some are easier to decorate and there is also difference in the water they need. The Fraser Fir may be an excellent choice for some people. Many people like this tree because these are easier to decorate than some other types. There is more space between the needles and the 1″ needles looks attractive and are in a silvery green color. This tree is often better than for example the Balsam Fir which may not be good for heavy ornaments.

The Douglas Fir is also a beautiful Christmas tree but the disadvantage is that the spaces between branches are often too small for the decorations you want to use. The Scotch Pine has sharp needles and you need to be careful if you decorate this tree. This tree has also little space and it may be difficult to decorate this tree. The smell can also be important because you will have this tree for several weeks in your home. It is also individual but Balsam Firs and Fraser are considered as the Christmas trees which smell the best.

Choosing a Christmas tree requires a lot of time and you best inform about all the pros and cons of the different species. If you prepare ahead and pay the necessary attention to the measuring and which fits best in your home, you can enjoy a wonderful Christmas time. Decorating your Christmas tree will be an enjoyable activity and it is important your Christmas tree is suitable for the ornaments and lightening you want to hang in your Christmas tree.

Christmas is a time of peace, happiness and love which you will share with your family members, friends and everyone who may be important for you. A Christmas tree bring the warmth and Christmas atmosphere in your house and you will enjoy a merry Christmas with your dearest ones.


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