What it Takes to Become an FBI Agent

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In order to become a special FBI agent you must be a citizen of the United States of America or a Northern Mariana Islands citizen. Your age must be at least 23 but you also must be younger than 37. You must have a bachelor’s degree from a college or university that is specially accredited. Possessing a driving license and being available for assignments anywhere is another requirement in order to become a special FBI agent.

Physical training is extremely important if you want to be an FBI agent. You will often be placed in dangerous or even deadly situations where you can only rely on your physical strength. That strength is essential for all the agents and it often decides whether you will succeed or fail your assignment. You must have no disabilities which would be an obstacle for you while using firearms, defensive tactics etc. Therefore, there are tests that all candidates for the position must be able to pass before they become special FBI agents.You should be able to pass the Physical test, the Medical review and meet the Hearing and Vision requirements.

There are four mandatory events in the physical test. First you should be able to do the maximum number of sit-ups in a minute. Then you run a 300-meter sprint. After that you do the maximum number of push-ups (untimed) and then you run timed one and one-half mile. Then you have to meet the vision requirements. If you have some minor problems with your eyes you should provide a medical documentation that you can use soft contact lenses for at least a year without any problems. You must wait six months before you start the New Agents’ Training if you had a laser eye corrective surgery. Another test that you must take as a special agent applicant is the audiometer test. You must also pass the medical and drug testing and successfully complete the psychological assessment. There is also a background check that the FBI will conduct.

There are more than 800 agents who are about to graduate this year. But the training for a new agent lasts 20 weeks and it is far from easy. The training includes 850 hours of introduction. There are a lot of subjects that new agent trainees study including law, ethics, interrogation etc. After that come the case exercises – real-life situations made to prepare new agents for their experiences in the field. All agents are authorized to carry weapons which they rarely fire. But every agent must be an expert with the firearms by the time they finish their training.

All of the FBI special agents must be well educated, commited and skillful enough to investigate terrorists and people who represent a national security danger. You may investigate business records, drug trafficking, kidnapping or participate in undercover assignments. As a special FBI Agent your job will be to prevent violations of the federal statue and fight the crime.


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