Free Printable Bubble Letters

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If you are doing a kids art project or making a banner of some sort, you may need some printable bubble letters. These are great for making banners in class rooms, letters for felt boards or any arts and crafts project that might require lettering. The following article details ways that you can get printable bubble letters absolutely free of charge by downloading them off of the internet.

Here is a set of printable bubble letters from the Work at Home Dad Blog. These came from a font set that is primarily lower case. The printable bubble letters set includes numbers, but not punctuation. Please feel free to click the image below and make use of these letters. All you have to do is click them and print them out; it can’t get any easier.

Most printable bubble letters are not freehand sketches. They are usually from a free font which has been downloaded off of the internet. All you have to do to get these free fonts is to find the free font online and download it. Then you open up your control panel and select fonts. From here you can drag and drop the font into your font library. Then all you have to do to make your own printable bubble letters is to open up a text editor such as Microsoft Word, set your font size to 300 or whatever other size you want and type out what you need. If you need your printable bubble letters to just be outlined, you can do that in the font properties section of your text editor.

Here are a few sites where you can download fonts to use as printable bubble letters.

1001 Free Fonts


Urban Fonts

Free Fonts


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