Tips to add more fiber in your diet

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A fiber-rich diet protects you against heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, constipation and even weight gain. You can easily add fiber in your daily dietary habits without making any drastic dietary changes.

Here are some great tips which would be helpful to add fiber in your diet naturally.

So next time instead of drinking the orange juice go and grab an orange. When you eat the orange you will automatically consume all the fiber from the orange pulp. While eating apple never ever eat it without skin. Do not remove the skin of the apple as it contains lots of fiber so from now on just wash the apple properly and eat it directly with the skin.

Buy brown rice and get into a habit of eating brown rice as it contains more fiber than white rice. Instead of eating white bread go for whole grain bread as it is very rich in fiber and will give you much more fiber per slice as compared to the white bread.

When you go for a movie make it a point to buy popcorns as they add fiber in your diet. For next time enjoy your movie while eating popcorns right.

Whenever you want to drink juice go for a fresh fruit smoothie as it is rich in fiber. Instead eating chips prefer to eat nuts so that you can add fiber to your body naturally.

Instead of flour tortillas opt for corn tortillas as they have 50% more fiber then flour tortillas.To thicken your sauces use oats as they are very rich in fiber. Cooking reduces the food’s fiber, so enjoy lots of your veggies raw. When you do cook vegetables, try steaming them, or cooking them quickly and easily in the microwave.

In the morning start the day with a whole-grain cereal that contains at least 5 grams of fiber per serving. Top it with wheat germ, raisins, bananas, or berries, all of which are good sources of fiber.

Go and check out some high fiber recipes to increase fiber in your diet. And eat fresh fruits in between as meal snacks. Try to coonsume the peels of the vegetables by washin gthem warm water as the peels are a rich source of fiber.

Adding fiber to your diet is very easy and simple so what are you waiting for? Go and grab the fruits from the fruit basket and start increasing your fiber intake right away.


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