Our Mindbending Brains

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Leonardo de Vinci is believed to have a rare ability called double hemisphere action.  This ability is well documented in a more recent case involving a retired film studio manager named John Clogg.  As a result, he can simultaneously write different sentence with his right and left hands and carry on an unrelated conversation as well.

The term brainwashing was first used by an American journalist named Edward Hunter during the Korean War.  It is actually a loose translation of the Chinese colloquialism “hsi nao”, which means wash brain.

The oldest preserved brain to ever be unearthed is six thousand years old.  It was discovered by archaeologists near Sarasota, Florida.  An extinct tortoise skewered on a stick and a ten thousand year old boomerang were also discovered at the site.

Brains have been getting heavier.  Examinations of postmortem brains show that the average male brain has increased in weight from 1,372 grams in 1860 to 1,424 grams.  Female brains have also gained weight.  They increased from 1,242 grams to 1,265 grams and have in recent year been growing almost as fast as a male brain.

A British cybernetician (one who studies the communication and control processes in biological, mechanical, and electronic systems of the brain) named W. Grey Walter suggests that each individual has a unique “brain print” much like our fingerprints.  Walter describes these brain prints by saying “We are rather in the position of a visitor from Mars who is deaf and dumb and has no conception of the nature of sound, but is trying to build up a knowledge of languages by looking at the grooves in a gramophone record.”

It has been established that the human brain is the single most powerful and complex organ we have in our bodies.  In the twentieth century, there have been tremendous breakthroughs when it comes to understanding how the human brain actually works.  I personally find one field of study very interesting.  That is brainwave entrainment.


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By listening to sound pulses at certain frequencies or view light burst at certain intervals, we can relieve headaches, break bad habits, sleep better and be healthier.  We can heal faster and age slower as well as boost our self esteem and confidence.  Since the brain can pick up signals and comprehend images that we are not even aware of, laws have even been enacted to ban subliminal advertising.

Subliminal learning is another tremendously effective technique that also uses brainwave entrainment.  To read more about these techniques, read my article Brainwave Entrainment: A Simple and Easy Technique for Self Improvement .


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