Curiosity, Dna And The Mammoth

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So it seems we may really be getting closer to that Jurassic Park moment. Mammoth come on down, I don’t think we can stop this happening or at least people trying. Even with great chunks of DNA missing someone is going to work out a way to plug the gaps. I’m referring to a short news item I saw last night where It was declared it could well be possible in the future to clone in this case a Mammoth, this seems to me to be a softening up process the first Jurassic Park film was quite a while ago now and the media at the time featured those in the know saying it could never happen.

Curiosity is the word here I think despite all common sense I really would like to see a T-Rex or Raptor though I would not want to apply for the keepers job, in that scenario the advert would say “only those with lion and or tiger experience need apply, uniform, rifle and underwear supplied, timewasters will be eaten”. The contract to build the electric titanium cages would be given to the lowest bidder and the electricity supplied by a solar farm and a man peddling a bicycle connected to a dynamo in the evenings, Tour De France competitors would train through the night as and when they pleased. A disgruntled employee sells dinosaur eggs to a terrorist organisation, and is eaten before he can spend the money, hang on that bit is sounding familiar.

A Mammoth although interesting was as far as I know a very large elephant with big hair, seen it, albeit in a smaller bald version. I suppose a Mammoth could be used as a kind of environmentally sound fork lift truck with something to help the roses grow, it wouldn’t be the first time life imitated art or perhaps it was the other way round, whatever.


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