Carmel California Is A Well Known Town on The American West Coast

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If you travel towards California, you should not miss Carmel California. It is a small town located on American West Coast. This town was formerly called as Carmel-on-the-Sea. This is not your average small town, it has a beautiful and rich history attached to its name with a variety of writers and artists to boast about.

Carmel California is located approximately 120 mile within the south of San Francisco, Monterey County. According to the 2000 census, this town has an estimated population of over 4,000.

The first inhabitants of this small town were the Native Americans. The Spanish sailors were the first Europeans who sight this beautiful land. In the past, Carmel California was part of Mexico but eventually was restored and retained its status under the U.S. right after the Mexican-American War.

Carmel California is more adept towards improving and preserving its culture. This was the reason why in 1910, the Forest Theatre was developed and built in order to stage yearly the Shakespeare Festival.  The formation of the organization AACC (Arts Association in Carmel California) was established in order to promote local artists. A concert hall named Sunset Community and Culture Center was built in order to stage different sorts of events and is the beloved home of the famous Monterey County Symphony orchestra.

Apart from promoting culture and the arts, even residents take part to enrich the town’s local economy. They have variety of amenities and shops. The oldest shop found at Carmel California is a bakery that specializes in making delicious pretzels.

Everyone loves shopping; you can simply drop by at Carmel Plaza. This is where you can find great finds such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s as well as Cole Haan. You can also find independent stores which include an art shop, jewelry shops, luxury stationary shop and the famous British style candy.

As for news and information you can catch some relevant information through reading a local newspaper. A lot of famous people have been associated with Carmel California. The famous Clint Eastwood who served as the town’s mayor during 1986-1988. The townspeople were following strict rules during the term of Eastwood, ice cream parlors were prohibited.

Other famous personalities who have a taste of how beautiful Carmel California is include Brad Pitt, Kim Novak, Betty White, Doris Day and Jennifer Aniston. It simply shows that this small town has been the haven of some of the famous celebrities and personalities in the world.

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