What I DID with year 2008?

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I woke up this morning to look at the beautiful sunny day, which it happened to be the last day of 2008, and I asked myself:  WHAT DID I DO WITH the YEAR of 2008.

It was a year given to me, wow, what a great gift, and I was healthy, not taking a SICK day off, and I had my family that was healthy as well, and we had for sure some different Year, with challenges and GOALS, with planning and looking forward to achieving things., with a business to run and great friends;  close relatives in the State and more close family that lives aboard in Europe, also long distance childhood friends in Australia, Canada,…meeting some family mutual friends from Romania…

I had to say this a few times and I know I will have to say it again, because life is full of surprises, “IT’S A SMALL WORLD!”

We stayed in touch,we laugh together, we vent to each other, in other words, WE LIVED Life. Someone said – they just totally dislike the saying: “Life is too short” to do this or, to get involved in this…. AND it’s true, if life is short to do things – WHAT ELSE THAT YOU KNOW OF, is longer then LIFE! ….

So, I agree with my friend – Don’t just say that phrase!

Any season is a Good Season, any day is unique!


Live the “NOW” you have. I never lost anyone close to my heart, from within the family,  now for about 13 years; even so, that doesn’t spot me to think about life like – THAT’s all I have.

Live Life Like there is NO tomorrow.  Is the NOW that counts!  It’s what you make of it that counts, building memory, your FOOT PRINT, the you being making things happened..

I learned this early in life, whatever you do in life, make sure is not gonna tag  you for the rest of you life, your footprint should be minimal, make it  life- fun, enjoyable – there are a few things in life you can not take back:

  • what you say, the time you have NOW,
  • and the OPPORTUNITY you get in life.
  • What do you with all those is your CALL, Choice and FUTURE!

Have a family? – Cherish it

Have a friend? – spend time with them (her/him)

Have a job? – work the hardest at it, aim for a promotion!

Have a business? – make the best of it, go the extra mile with your services!

My LIFE is a long story, but I am not as good as writing about it. I know that my husband and I made it, by this I mean – made my life what it is,…made it from having $400. to start life in New York, N.Y. – to where I went from a short time to being on food stamps (what a shame for the society to have people on that system generation after generation), to move to a totally new place, with no car, no job, no relatives in that town, no friends, – we had God on our site – all along. To make it to build a house – That was  “the American dream” we reached, to have 2 cars, great jobs – government jobs, good pay and benefits and a vacation home, and lately reached to the point to be able to give up a good job and adventured into a business, something I never experienced, someting I didn’t have “a resume” for, something I didn’t go to college for.

Then I look back and see what a life I run in 2008!

It was my life – it was what I made happened, I had a very successful year, great things took place, a valuable DESIGNER MAKE OVER to the business (we are in the lodging industry), a place I like to call it’s a JEWEL!

Historic marker turning SUSTAINABLE, GREEN , comfortable and extremely clean! A place you want to come and build memories for the years to come, and find a new reason to come back for more, again and again!

This is God’s Beautiful country!


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