When Jesus Comes Again

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Thoughts about attitudes and the need for striving for the example of Jesus.  This submission is primarily intended for topic discussion and inspirational purposes.

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When Jesus Comes Again

When Jesus comes again…

When Jesus comes again…

Will He find a people who have followed Him?

Or will He find there’s few who’ll let Him in?

Will He feel invited to be part of us?

Or will He rather feel He’s not a friend?

When Jesus comes again…

When Jesus comes again…

Will He think we’ve learned to love the way he taught?

Or will He think we’ve barely even given thought?

Will He think our ways show how we’ve learned from Him?

Or will He likely think we’d rather not?

When Jesus comes again…

When Jesus comes again…

Let’s be ready, everyone, to make Him proud!

Let’s accept His Love right here and now!

Let’s accept each other…and love as we’d be loved!

Let’s open up our hearts to one and all!

© 2006 C.R.H.

This song-lyric is intended only as a reminder of some of the teachings of Jesus Christ, and, to perhaps trigger some personal examination of individual attitudes and general interactivity behaviors with those we come into contact with each day. 

This song-lyric is not intended to cause any offense or insult to anyone, regardless of their beliefs. Hopefully, all who view and access this can appreciate its honorable intent for what it is and for what it says.  Thanks for visiting.


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