Wine From China, Yes It's True!

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China’s domestic wine production and consumption
have in recent years flourished.  For
their part, Chinese wineries are planning on expanding varieties of traditional wine grapes, which
promise to provide an excellent foundation for the development of quality traditional grape
varieties. Connaisseurs are anticipating varieties reflecting a more traditional Chinese flavour.

Influenced by the economic crisis, the wine business in china, and indeed the world, has seen a
decline in recent years. This has been evidenced by unusually low attendance at wine expos, from
Shanghai to Bordeaux. Still, wine importers and exporters in China have faith in the vast potential
of china’s emerging market.

The ZhangYu winery, was a joint investment from American, Italy,
Portugal, and a number of other countries. Because of this
they named the ZhangYu Ai Nepheg fort
It requires talent to
become a top winery.
Successful wineries of
Europe, Asia and the
America’s have long histories
and traditions. As they still
have a way to go in their
development, To become world-class
takes time, is always on China’s wineries minds.

With all that is new, China does have a few glimmers
of traditional excellence. The grape variety cabernet
sauvignon, first planted in 1892 , has become a
cornerstone of Zhangyu’s success. After several
generations of cultivating, the cabernet sauvignon
wine variety has shown breeding adaptability, and
formed the unique flavor characteristics of ‘Zhangyu
In China, there is still a strong need to educate
consumers in wine appreciation, and wine culture.
This is a slow process that will require the joint
efforts within this amazing wine industry.
Chinese wine has begun its’ dispursment into the international
arena, not only with a few unique brands and flavours
of wine itself, but by manufacturing and exporting
products and technologies used in the wine making
Wine promotional activities will become more
common, as will wine tasting parties events, training and tourism, all of which will
help more Chinese consumers come to know,
understand and love the beauty of wine.

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