Everything You Wanted To Know About Allergies

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The term “Allergies” is used to refer to a disorder that affects a major portion of the world population.  Apart from the Americans, allergies also affect a large number of the rest of the  population in Asia and other continents – close to 45 per cent, in fact, will, at one time, or another, suffer the annoying and sometimes debilitating results of this ailment. The main symptoms of allergies are sneezing, coughing, itching of eyes and stuffed nose. They may even be one of the main causes of asthma and right through, to the sometimes deadly, anaphylactic reactions.

The main causes of allergies are varied and many. Among the more common are mold, dust mites and it in the springtime, pollen. Genetics may also play a part and nothing can be done about that. Both good and bad is passed down to you, through your parents. A low immune system is another principal cause of allergies. Boosting the immune system with health drinks such as Green Tree might help, but balancing the immune system is far more preferable, as boosting the immune system can cause complications in other areas.

What causes allergies? Basically, the body is merely reacting to a perceived threat and fights the allergens in the same way as a bacteriological invasion.

Allergies, caused by some of the food products, are not as common as most people think, but can be severe causing several hundreds of deaths annually. Whilst millions of people are allergic to animals, especially cats and dogs, we should seek relief, rather than do without the company of our precious and loyal, four-footed friends.

There may be many varied cures for allergy. Asthma attacks, for instance, may be alleviated by the use of Chinese herbal formula named, Minor Blue Dragon, or XQLT, or Xiao-Qing – long tang. These remedies have been successfully used for centuries in China. It is a most effective bronchodilator and often more effective than prescribed drugs.

Acupuncture has also been found to be an effective alternative, for allergies in general. Vitamins and supplements may also help, to a great extent and improve the immune system, together with a healthy lifestyle. Vitamins A, C, E, selenium and carotenoids, antioxidants, MSM, magnesium and zinc may also help. Many of us, are more obsessive about cleanliness and buy any product which promises to be “99 per cent effective against all bad germs”, or some such nonsense. Children, particularly the very young, might benefit from a “little dirt” in their surroundings, to strengthen their immune systems, from an earlier age.

Eating foods “in season” can also be very beneficial. People used to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, but with refrigeration and shipping, from around the world, but may not receive temporary relief from this problem.

This has necessarily been a very short article on allergies. You can also seek further information from people practicing alternative health and medicine, such as acupuncturists, herbalists, holistic practitioners and aroma therapists. You’ll find that there is much free and interesting information in on the web and even in your local library.


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