Hangover Cures

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Everyone has sure fire hangover cures, me included, in fact I have several hangover cures, one of which will surely make that holiday hangover a little more bearable. Sometimes the best cure for a hangover is preventative measures that should be taken before the party or get together. With the New Years Eve celebrations, you are likely to find yourself with a hangover in need of a hangover cure.

A 32 ounce Gatorade (or a sports drink of your choice) and a BC powder.The BC powder will alleviate the headache, and the sports drink will go a long way to helping to rehydrate the fluid loss from the dehydration that is a side affect of over indulgence in alcohol.You will feel back to your old self in no time.This hangover cure works great.

This hangover cure may sound a little gross, but it does work. Drink about 3 ounces of straight pickle juice. I was telling my husband about this one and he did not believe me, until he awoke one morning with a hangover. He was amazed. It actually worked. Score one for the pickle juice!

This tip is not really a cure. It is more of a preventative measure.The day of your party or get together make sure you drink a lot of liquids. More than you usually would. A hangover is the result of your body being dehydrated, and the extra liquid helps to counter react that dehydration.

This is another preventative measure to avoid that possible hangover. Eat a meal before retiring to  bed, the night of your party. The food will help to absorb the alcohol and you will wake the next morning feeling better than would had you gone to bed on an empty stomach.

Another preventative measure to take, before a night of celebration. Eat a large meal before you go to your party or get together. The food will absorb the alcohol and lessen the affects of drunkenness, so that you will not wake with a hangover the next morning. Then you won’t need a hangover cure!


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