Dunhill’s Revenge

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                                                         Chapter – one

     Cedrick Parker was in a daze as he walked into the large drawing room. His eyes were glassy and almost unseeing as though he had witnessed some heinous thing too gruesome for the human mind to comprehend. The heavy black knee-length winter coat he was wearing had a large tear down the right side starting at the breast pocket and extending almost to the bottom seam.  His right hand trailed blood onto the dark polished mahogany floor as he slowly half-walked, half-stumbled toward the large archway leading to the castle’s over-stocked library. Parker’s tall muscular six-foot three-inch frame was usually filled with self-confidence but at this moment he was reduced to a pale, cold, trembling shell of his former self.

     He had lived but thirty winters, surely he was too young to die, but that was exactly what was going to happen if he couldn’t find it. It was the only thing that could stave off Dunhill. God, he thought, Dunhill is a beast, a monster, no, he’s worse than a monster he’s—an American barrister and a vampire. Jesus! It’s like he’s redundant. Worse yet, he has learned the secret of Amherst Castle and now he’s here to kill and collect.

Parker’s thoughts were starting to run together. He had to remember where he had hidden it. If it were only something simple like a cross or a snip of garlic, these things were easily found, but he had to have the one and only thing that could save him. Yes, now I remember he thought, I put it in the library . . . but where in the library, in a book, in a drawer, taped under a table.  It was no good; he simply couldn’t remember the exact location. To further complicate things his head pounded with pain and Dunhill was only moments behind him. He knew it was now or never, to find and turn over to Dunhill the one thing every vampire lawyer craved and would kill to possess. Yes! Now he remembered. IT was the blood money and it was hidden in a fake book titled: Ambulance Chasers. Now it was all coming back to him. He recalled the day exactly one year ago he had stolen the five thousand English pounds and then went directly to the library. He had taken Ambulance Chasers off the shelf, hollowed out the centre with a serrated combat knife and placed the currency inside. He hadn’t known it was Dunhill’s money. He’d thought that he was stealing it from the Bereings Firm. Now it was too late to explain—to set things right. He knew that even giving back the money would not save his life but he had to try.  Maybe Dunhill would be satisfied just to get the money back along with a pint of A-positive. However, there was more to it than just the money. He had also had an affair Dunhill’s wife and then she had gone straight to that damn’ bloodsucking lawyer and told him.

     Yeah, Cedrick knew that Dunhill was more than a little upset and had been tracking him close to a year now and it was near over. The loathsome fiend had caught up with, and attacked him in front of the Owl and Ox pub not thirty minutes prior. Cedrick had escaped but not without great bodily injury and he had looked into Dunhill’s eyes back there in the light of a full moon. What he had seen made him shudder not to mention ruining his, Fruit of the Looms. . . 


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