Foods that help for weight loss

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If you are doing workouts for weightloss,you should also take care about the food that goes into yuor stomach.Experts agree that if you are consuming foods that your body don’t need you will end up gaining weight instead of losing weight.Never use weight loss pills.They contain so many harmful chemicals that damage your body.Throw them away and buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

These are some of the foods recommended by experts that will help in your weight loss efforts.

Green Tea:Green tea contains chemicals that will make your body to burn the fat.Avoid drinking coffee and  drink green tea atleast once a day.

Tomato soup:Tomato soup is  rich in nutrients.It decreases hunger and reduces your appetite for a heavy you will end up eating less food hence less intake of calories.

Diary products:Diary products are rich in protein and carbohydrate.Diary products like yogurt and cheese make you feel less hungry and reduce your intake of calories.

Beans:Beans which are a rich source of fibre and protein make your stomach feel full and helps you in avoid eating snacks in between meals.

Water:Before you want to eat snacks try drinking a glass of water.It makes you feel full.Also water is very important for the body.It supports all life systems and flush toxins from the body.    

Eat fruits and vegetables  of all colors.They will provide our body with essential vitamins and minerals.Our body digests fruits and vegetables easily and absorbs nutrients in great extent from them.Fruits and vegetables never add extra calories to your body.There are so many varieties of fruits that you can try.some of them even may become your favourite fruits.Always keep fruits at your eye level in the refrigerator and stash away your  fatty foods deep inside refrigerator.

Include dry fruits and cereals in your breakfast to give extra boost for weight loss efforts.     


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