Whose fault is this?

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Everything happens in this world is for some reason, we just have to figure it out by ourselves the logics behind that or need someone to guide us properly, so we can avail more out of each and everything.

As all you know that we have celebrated Eid-ul-Azha few days back, but the issue is that why we celebrate Eid-ul-Azha? What are the reasons behind celebrating any event, occasion or festival? Actually, the reason behind celebrating any event, occasion or festival is that we are representing our culture, our religion, our country and our background from where we belong to.

Our tradition and lifestyle reflects in our events, whether it’s a marriage ceremony or a funeral or any person in the family. But Eid-ul-Azha is that festival which should be celebrated just only for the sake of Almighty ALLAH. There should not further amendments involved while celebrating this festival. But unfortunately these days we change the concept that festival. All you have to do is to slaughter sheep, goat, cow, bull or camel in the path of Almighty ALLAH.

You all have experienced different things in this Eid-ul-Azha but what I experienced that most of the people trying to show off them through their animals. They don’t have to go for such an expensive animals but because of our society they go out of their budget. But what exactly happened……….?

This is for those who participate in Qurbani just for show off:-

First the basis concept is totally missed from their Eid-ul-Azha, that they are slaughtering animal just for the sake of Almighty ALLAH and second got hand to mouth situation these days…now they are sacrificing their other basis needs just because they spent lot of their savings on their animals.

I need you suggestions and feedback that why this is happening for last few years? What made those people do this? Why these just bought an average animal? Is this just because of our society? Please comments


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