Residing full time in haunted houses (extended version)

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I’ve lived in a few haunted homes—and that is a profoundly huge understatement. But I feel more so that my current apartment is deeply haunted. The stories I heard from the apartment manager of the number of deaths in the building from natural causes, over the years, is indicative of that. The apartment is over thirty-six years old, so even the manager is not aware of the circumstance of each death. Where there’s death, there can be haunting. After all, souls are energy: subatomic particles and the such. Energy can easily survive physical death; it can never be destroyed, only changed.

As a paranormal/EVP researcher of thirty years, I am deeply intimate and familiar with all things that go ‘bump in the night’. In my current two bedroom apartment of eight years, they have made me profoundly aware of them. This apartment seems to be more of a conduit for paranormal activity than other places I’ve lived in before. Or maybe because I have lived here the longest, over eight years at the time of this writing: November 2009.

I’ve been subjected to immense amount of paranormal activity over the years, through the assorted houses and apartments I lived in. This may be a result of directly recording spirit voices through a tape recorder, or more likely, the recordings may have allowed me a deeper insight into something that has always been there, sometimes just at the very tip of our consciousness, and more profoundly in full-consciousness and in the mysterious realms of unconsciousness, through lucid dreaming, regular dreaming, and real time conscious awareness. Basically, there are countless spiritual forces and realms, some evil and some not, that I am more acutely aware of through my over thirty years of recording and interacting with them.

Whatever the case may be (or both operating independently of each other, or at the same time), I am strongly aware that my apartment is haunted. But instead of fleeing in fear from it-since this phenomena is ubitiquous wherever I seem to go-I tolerate the presence of not only good spirits, but the occasional bad one as well. By not showing the strong, negative energies any fear, the more than evil negative spirit has nothing to ‘feed on’, and either moves on-or back into the shadows where it was before, watching and observing with its malevolence and contempt for us all. I don’t recite holy passages from the Bible and flash the cross around, for these entities do leave, or just stop bothering me. As a researcher into the paranormal, I am well aware of the presence of entities-and they can be in most residences—including mine.

It can just be a matter of going on the best you can with your normal, everyday life, not feeling or acting victimized by the more negative entities or spirits that are there all of the time. By not showing fear, they stay just out of your visual range, usually darting in and out of the corner of your eye. They remain hidden in the shadows, in the darkness, and out of the light. In my case, I became more aware of what was always there through my mind-blowing research into this phenomena that I have barely scratched 1% knowledge of. Quantum physicists may have only scratched less than a percent knowledge of.

I saw in the fleeing seconds between sleep and consciousness, the glowing image of a woman run towards me in my livingroom. My leg instictively kicked at the image, shattering a glass goblet full of pop into several large shards and the image disappeared. My strong impression was that it was a ghost, for I wear eyeglasses for far distances; images are not blurred during dreams-they are crystal clear. I saw this image in 2005—several years before my mother’s death. It may have been her soul from the future, or her astral body projecting from her body.

There was also a sinister entity sitting in my computer chair with no features, just glowing eyes set against darkness during my usual sleep-cycle. When I sprung to be awake, the paranorma being was gone, except for the chair still spinning. Another time, I was dozing and felt a hand touch my forehead. I fully awoke to see a blonde man running into nothingness. The blonde man was gone in a split-second, not long enough to absolutely prove its existence. But long enough to tantalizingly know that it was there. Perhaps the entity was there to check on my health and well-being.

My mother passed away from stage IV lung cancer in my apartment, ironically enough adding to the paranormal activity I had been experiencing for year in these places, including my then nine year old sister seeing a little man on the bathtub, way back in 1975. Amongst other innumerable experiences, including my brother seeing the attic door move by itself when we were boys, as well as me seeing three men in black standing outside my bedroom window when I was eleven. I saw the three men in black years later in adulthood. Many UFO and paranormal experiencers had seen three very non-human looking men clad in very dark or black clothes, either threatening them into silence over their alleged encounters, or taking evidence of said encounters.

Before my mom died, she saw many things and dreamt of before she passed. In the final days before she passed, she saw radiant light coming out of objects and what she perceived as a bird or a beautiful butterfly fly through the house. There was nothing that I could see, and my mother was on no medications, nor was she delirious, nor she had any tumors in her brain.. My mother was very lucid, realistic, pragmatic, down-toearth, and even skeptical at times.

Months before she died, she dreamt of her father coming in a car outside of our building, her father long deceased, to pick her up. She told her dad that it wasn’t her time to go. I saw in my sleep-cycle a radiant being coming for my mother to take her for her final rest. In my dream, I held it back at the door by not letting it in, and peered through the one-way peephole to see at least its radiant eyes. Was that death coming to claim her?

Do I know that most places are haunted? You darn rights I do. I seen it myself in most places I ever lived in. Incidentally, with my mother’s recent passing, I have seen and heard her presence. Standing in the bathroom, I saw the slightly glowing outline of her spirit. But I knew she was safe and had moved on. I dreamt of my mom standing beside me during my sleep-cycle, teling me that it felt like she had been gone for three months. Her presence in the apartment, her home for eight years, was very strong until she was certain that we were okay. Later, she just came back once in awhile to check on her kids, adding to the activity that had always been there, sometimes just under my nose, and at the corner of my eye in sometimes fleeting movements and other obscure activity.

I had seen enough of it to be convinced that it was a real phenomena, and the EVP confirmed that. In thirty years of recording spirit voices, and taking several high-quality paranormal photographs


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