If You Want You Can Build Your Own Computer

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You might be wondering whether to get a new computer or build your own computer. The answer lies on your own preference and budget of course. However, there are a lot of people who wants to build their very own computers. As for newbie, it is a must that you should seek further details and information first before you even proceed of building your own pc.

As for me, I am fortunate enough that I have the experience of buying a new pc and building one for myself. There are advantages and disadvantages for each.

It was my father-in-law who suggested to try and have the DIY method. When he said to me, “Build your own computer,” I was not sure about what he really meant that time or is he going to do it for me. We did appreciate his suggestion unfortunately; we did not get much help along the process.

One of the major problems you have to face when it comes to building your own computer is that you need to have a friend who is equipped with technology when it comes to building a pc. Simply put you will be dependent upon that person’s ability and time in order to come up with a masterpiece. Guess what? You have to hurdle a very long waiting period before you even get the finish product. You will be fortunate enough if such person will be very patient to teach every inch there is when it comes to building a computer.

Another problem will be getting the right software for the computer. When you are going to purchase a brand new computer, it also comes with crucial software you need to have your pc up and running. If you want to have the DIY, you have to buy the software separately. This is one of the biggest issues you have to face especially when you are trying to save money on cost of building a pc. There is no point of having to build a computer if you will just waste tons and tons of money in buying the needed software.

Last problem that you will encounter is the lack of warranty of the pc. You might have observed when you brand new computer it comes with a warranty especially when things go wrong at least you have a back up. As to DIY method, you only get warranty maybe one or two parts and that’s about it. When there is malfunction you have to shoulder all the expenses to have it fixed.

As for me, I was very well satisfied with the pc that my father-in-law built. I have used it for 7 years now and still counting. I only had two crashes only and the reason always boiled down to viruses attacking my computer. So, really I have nothing to complain about it. Until now, I am enjoying my pc.

However, as for this moment we wanted to have him build a computer for us but he is very busy with a lot of stuff. So, we just bought a new pc out of a shop.

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