How to Save Money On Auto Repair

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Becarful how you pick your posin.All mechanics aren’t honest as you should know. Economy bad slow business or plain old fashion greed all play factors in how much your bill is. The reason why an auto shop can so easily rip you off, is because you don’t know. Have you ever had a mechanic ask you to come in the shop so he can shop you what he’s talking about? If you don’t know much about cars this will automatically make you look for your cell phone. You don’t know what he’s talking about.

Step 2

Don’t panic almost everything on a car is fixable and most times for under 456.00 providing you buy your own parts. Example your driving along and someone cuts you off, YOU HIT A Curb. your car will nolonger drive. You get out to take a look. The wheal is bent under the car. You you get it toed to a shop, they you its an 85.00 an hour check out fee you say ok I NEED MY CAR. The shop calls you the next day and tells you your axel is broke and you damaged your hub bearing. The first thing you think is it sounds expencive.How much? He tells you 887.45 to fix it. Your response how much is your labor rait?Once you find out tell him don’t start on it yet you’ll call him back.

Step 3

Research time.There’re three places to call to check part prices. The local auto parts shop Auto Zone and so on. The dealer be afraid to check here sometimes there part prices are cheaper. And depending on what you need the junk yard. Call all three give them year make and model of your car and ask for the price of the parts you need.

Step 4

Total time who ever had the best part price is who you use. Most times you’ll be shocked to know these may not cost a lot. Next question how much was the labor. A axel may cost you 175.00.A hub bearing may cost 120.00.Thats 295.00 in parts. Call the shop and ask how many hours will it take to fix the car. He tells you 5 hours .425.00. Ask him about the 85.00 check out fee. It should apply to the labor. In most shops it does apply. Your labor should be 340.00.295.00+340.00 is 635 plus tax. Big deference from 887.45.This what’s known as the price mark up, this is how a lot of shops make money. Ask him if you bring your own parts how much would it be? It should be 340.00.

Step 5

What you need to know about mechanics. Most mechanics aren’t friendly. Make sure he’s not busy when you approach. Try to call in advance talk to much. Ask only car related questions, labor rate and how long.

Step 6

One last thing don’t be a sucker for CHECK ENGINE Lights. if your check engine light comes on don’t pay 25 to 45 dollars to get it turned out. If you don’t fix the problem it will come back on. Places like Auto Zone will check give you a printout of the problem and turn out the light for free. However they will not fix your car. What they can tell you is how much the part cost that turned the light on. And DONT LET THE MAN IN THE PARKING LOT AT THE PARTS STORE FIX YOUR CAR.


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