How to Improve Your Writing Skills – Guidelines for Writers

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Collect and make proper use of writer’s resources

Nobody doubts you have a genuine talent. However, becoming a professional writer takes much more than just talent. Apart from formal education and training you will have to continuously improve your skills on many different levels. Dictionaries of all sorts, academic publications on writing and numerous online resources should all be present in your personal library. Use them often. Professionals are not people who can write without any help but, rather, those who will double-check their work.

Request and accept criticism

You can ask for advice from simply anyone. Except from other writers, also some of your friends or relatives might give you a totally fresh impression of your writing. It can be very useful remarks because they will be unbiased by a writer’s personal idea of a decent piece of work. Don’t hesitate to seek help from more experienced people or professional instructors. Learning to write properly is never finished; you must learn to take into consideration many factors which make your writing attractive and pleasant to read.

Write for money and for free

You should write every day. Start blogging and posting in forums. Lighter forms of writing can relieve you from career pressures and help you overcome writer’s block. Remember that most writers start their career writing entirely for free. In the long run, all previously unpaid work can bring you money as well. All your writing experiences can be included in your portfolio and interlinked. It works.

Read a lot

Writers should always read a lot. Get acquainted with different styles of writing – read newspapers, yellow press, novels, poetry and academic books. You can put down interesting phrases you read as well as remarks about what makes a piece of writing truly professional. Reading improves your vocabulary and expands your horizons. It’s compulsory for the development of your writing career.

Join writers’ networking

Join writers’ forums where you can exchange experiences with people who pursued the same profession you did and are absolutely passionate about it. Thanks to networking you will learn a lot about marketing your works, possibilities to increase your income, as well as links to interesting resources for writers.


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