Christmas Odds and Ends

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Q: What did Adam say on the day before Christmas?

A: It’s Christmas, Eve!

Q: What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck going down the chimney?

A: Santa Claustrophobia!

Q: What do you call a letter sent up the chimney on Christmas?

A: Black mail!

Q: What song was sung at the Eskimo Christmas Party?

A: Freeze a jolly good fellow!

Q: What transportation do Snowmen use?

A: Icecyle!

Q: Whats a snowman’s favourite meal?

A: An Iceberger!


Just try saying these 5 times fast… and then see if the kids can!

Seven Santas sang six silly songs.
Pretty packages perfectly packed in paper.
Tiny Tim trims the tall tree with tinsel.
Short shoppers shop for short shirts in shifts.
Clever Cleaver carries crimson candles carefully.

TRIVIA: Christmas Birthdays
The following is a list of famous people born on Christmas day… aren’t you glad you weren’t?

Sir Isaac Newton
Humphrey Bogart
Little Richard
O’Kelly Isley (of the Isley Brothers)
Jimmy Buffet
Sissy Mary Spacek

TRIVIA: How do you say Merry Christmas in other Languages?

In Danish: Glaedelig Jul
In Dutch: Vrolijk Kerstfeest
In Hungarian: Kellemes Karacsonyi unnepeket
In Italian: Buone Feste Natalizie
In Japanese: Shinnen omedeto
In Norwegian: God Jul
In Portuguese: Feliz Natal
In Spanish: Feliz Navidad
In Arabic: Milad Majid

TRIVIA: Can you guess the titles of these Christmas songs?

1. Far off in a Haybin
2. Boulder of the Tinkling Metal Spheres
3. Oh Small Israel Urban Centre
4. We are Kong, Lear and Nat Cole
5. I Beheld a Trio of Nautical Vessels Moving in this Direction
6. Jubilation to the Entire Terrestrial Globe
7. Listen, the Winged Heavenly Messengers are Proclaiming Tunefully
8. The Lad is a Diminutive Percussionsist


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