How To Get Rid Of Debt

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Debt is like a quagmire where bankruptcy is in its bed. Debt is synonymous to rude, threatening and offensive calls from creditors. Getting rid of debt is therefore a must if you do not want bankruptcy sneaking in your door.

Step One

Pay your loans starting from the highest interest loan. This is most probably a major credit card. Once you have paid the balance, get rid of it. If you must, maintain only the credit card with lower interest rate. Use your credit card only in case of emergency or big-ticket purchases.   The rule is to avoid impulse purchases that will rip you off your money easily.


Step Two

Create a monthly budget for all your spending and bills. Keep it within your monthly income.  Avoid overspending of you will be unable to improve your credit rating.  It is important to have good credit standing and thus getting rid of debt easily is a neat plan.


Step Three

Lessen your extra spending i.e., eating out and impulsive purchases. Do not buy things that you do not need right away.  You will always find a hundred and one reasons to buy but always consider your budget.


Step Four

Look for ways to earn extra; it will help you get out of debt sooner.  Have a serious plan to get rid of debt and you surely will be able to do it.

Additional Tips

1.         Avoid borrowing money to pay for your debt; you may sink into debt deeper if your do this.

2.        Try to pay cash rather than credit card. It has been said before that if you cannot purchase the item in cash, you rather wait for the time that you have enough to buy it. Never use your credit card for items you do not need right now.


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