Make an Edible Jell-O Aquarium

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Do you know a kid who loves aquariums and the sea? Give him/her an awesome looking edible Jell-O aquarium dessert for his/her birthday this year. It is great for kids who are allergic to flour. You can even use sugar-free blue Jell-O too, if need be for those kids who can’t have sugar. You’ll be the hit of the party with this fun way to eat Jell-O. You could make these in individual clear cups too. Teachers can make this for school after studying the Ocean or Sea or aquaculture!!

What You’ll Need:

  • Brand New clear glass Fish Bowl, washed and dried
  • Several boxes of Blue Jell-O for your ocean “water” depending on how big your fish bowl is
  • gummy fish
  • Swedish Fish gummies
  • Sharks Fruit Snacks
  • Bag of Skittles
  • Fresh Rosemary Herb Sprigs (looks like ocean plants)
  • An “under the sea” ocean picture
  • Canned whipped topping
  • Bag of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers
  • Step 1

Find a colorful ocean picture on the internet and print it out and tape it to the outside back of your clean fish bowl.

Step 2

Open the bag of Skittles candies and pour enough in the bottom of your new, clean Fish Bowl to make it look like pebbles in a fish tank.

Step 3

Make blue Jell-O according to package directions and pour Jell-O into Fish Bowl about 3/4 full or so. Let Skittles settle back down to bottom of bowl. Put bowl in the refrigerator until it starts to set.

Step 4

When Jell-O is set enough to “hold” items, push the fresh Rosemary Sprigs around the sides of bowl to look like sea plants.

Step 5

Take the gummy fish, swedish fish gummies, and Sharks fruit snacks and push them into the Jell-O all around to look like they are swimming. Put the fish bowl back in the frig to continue to completely set.

Step 6

When Jell-O is completely set a few hours later, take some of the Gold Fish Crackers and partially press them tail first into the top of the Jell-O to look like they are jumping out of the blue Jell-O “ocean water.”

Step 7

Take canned whipped topping and spray “white caps” or “fog” on top of your fish bowl “ocean” around the jumping gold fish crackers.

Step 8

Your edible Jell-O aquarium is ready to eat! Enjoy! Play a CD of “Little Mermaid” songs or “Finding Nemo” songs while you eat.  Have fun!


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