Heirloom And Open Pollinated Seeds: Best Seed Catalog Sources

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If you are new to gardening or just looking for additional sources for the best organic, heirloom and open pollinated seed sources you will greatly appreciate one easy to use clickable link to all the companies websites that produce and sell true seed.

Seed saving and creating your own seed bank are a very important responsibility of small, backyard gardeners. As commercial growers switch to genetically modified (GMO) or engineered seed sources, the smaller seed companies struggle to keep heirloom and open pollinated seeds available to the public.

As you plan your garden, remember to only use true seed from reliable sources. To make this task easier just visit the Garden, Tools & Seed Shack website. There is an article that supplies clickable links to the best seed company sources that other seed saving gardeners generally accept as honest, reliable sources for vegetable seeds.

It is amazing how many wonderful, tasty heirloom varities there are. Over time we may lose these seed sources if gardeners don’t band together to grow, harvest and save these seeds. Try putting an heirloom tomato plant in your garden or an heirloom variety of beans, peas, carrots, radishes or other vegetable plants. You will enjoy fresh, organic vegetables and if you save the seed you can plant those seeds in your garden for years to come. Saving seeds saves money, preserves our heirloom varieties and may just contribute to the overall food source in the future.

Go to the Garden, Tools & Seed Shack Link where they provide a fabulous list with links to heirloom and open pollinated seed companies.  Click on each website and be sure to sign up for their free catalogs.

Garden, Tools & Seed Shack Link

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