How to write a basic poem

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When we think of poetry in general, the thoughts that are common to most people are either love poems, rhyming little kids tales or very specific authors.  For some, the thought of writing a poem is confusing.  The problem is how exactly a poem is supposed to be written.  It seems that everyone disagrees on how to write a basic poem. Writing a poem can be easier than you think it is. It just requires little creativity and imagination.

  1. Pick a subject.  Before you can write a poem, you have to keep in mind what your plan to write about.  This keeps your poem on track so that you don’t start to ramble about a different subject and confuse your reader.
  2. Decide on the type of poem you want to write.  There are several types of poems and deciding if you want to write a sonnet, free verse or a haiku is very important.  Each type of poem is formatted in a different way.
  3. Keep in mind that poetry is a type of art.  Don’t think that you have to keep to one strict set of rules.  Art is an expression of self, and poetry is simply the words to express our emotions.
  4. Do a rough draft where you don’t pay attention to what you write.  Simply write what your heart says.  You can always fix it later if you think it sounds silly.
  5. Edit.  Look over your poem a day or two later and change anything you think needs changed.

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