Gingerbread House Lover’s Basket

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Do you know someone who loves making Gingerbread Houses and Gingerbread Men at Christmas or anytime of year? This is the perfect gift basket to give them. I’ve included a list to get your mind rolling on more ideas. Don’t forget to include personalized things to make it more special.

This is a list to get your mind thinking of more items they might want or need or more personalized items. Make your gift basket special. Include a note or card too to let them know how special they are. Arrange items neatly in large basket. Some items may not fit in a basket, but I included all ideas to get your mind rolling to help you. Wrap it all up in cellophane and tie with a pretty bow!

• Boy/girl cookie cutters of various sizes
• Meringue Powder for icing “glue”
• Mixing bowl and wooden spoons
• Graham crackers
• Icing tubes
• Gum drops
• Red licorice
• Cotton candy for clouds or chimney smoke
• Candy corn
• M-n-M’s
• Gingerbread clay molds for oven
• Gingerbread house making kit found at craft stores
• Pretzel sticks (use for fence)
• Patterns cut from cardboard
• “How to” DVD or CD-ROM
• “How to” book w/ photos
• Momogrammed apron w/ gingerbread men on it
• kitchen towels and oven mitts with gingerbread men on them
• gingerbread man trinkets
• gift card to a craft store for supplies
• recipes and pics of gingerbread houses
• colorful books of gingerbread houses
• gingerbread man rubber stamp w/ ink pad

If you are sending this to your loved one, make sure and pack items tightly in a sturdy box. Remove any unnecessary packaging materials to lighten shipping weight. Write address legibly on box. Write “fragile” on box too. 

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