How to clean the exterior of your car’s windows

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Other cars kick up dirt on a hot and dusty day or throw mud on your car when it’s raining.  Birds fly over and leave droppings where they are most distracting and trees like to drop sap on the windows.  If we are driving, we can usually spray water and use the windshield wipers for a short time, but keeping the outside completely clean is the best way to ensure visibility.

  1. If you have your own driveway, wash your car once a week (unless it’s raining or snowing, then you might want to take it to a car wash instead).  This will ensure that your windshield is clean for as long as it can be.
  2. Wash your windows with a product meant for the exterior windows of a car.  Something like Rain X is good since it not only cleans the window, but it also helps water run away from the window when it rains or snows, giving better visibility.
  3. Keep a glass cleaner and some paper towels in the car.  If you find that your windows are too dirty to see through clearly, take out your glass cleaner and clean them. Its very simple to use and the directions are generally printed on back of you glass cleaner.
  4. Many gas stations have soap water for cleaning windows.  If your windows need cleaning at the time you fill up on gas, go ahead and wash them.  It is better to have good visibility than to risk a crash due to dirty windows.

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