How to Decide Winners in Texas Hold’em

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This can get more difficult for inexperienced Texas Hold’em players when the winning hands are flushes and straights. Below will explain the difference in each winning hand with the best hands listed first going to the lower hands. Good luck and happy playing!


Things You’ll Need:

  • Playing Cards


Step 1

The best hand in Texas Hold’em is the Royal Flush. This will consist of five cards listed in order starting with the A of the given suit followed in order by the King, Queen, Jack and ten card of the same suit.

Step 2

The second best hand in Texas Hold’em is the Straight flush. This again can be in any suit but the cards must all be from the same suit. All five cards will need to be in sequence, meaning if you have the three of spades you must also have the four, five, six, and seven of spades to have the straight flush.

Step 3

The third best hand in Texas Hold’em is Four of a Kind. This is done by having all four cards in matching value. For this you could have all four Kings for instance. One from each suit with the fifth card in your hand being the “kicker”. This can be accomplished with any card as long as you have all four of the same value in your hand. The draw back to this is if you have all four fives for instance and someone else has all four sixes. The person with the higher card value would be the winner even though both hands qualified for the four of a kind title.

Step 4

Finally the Full House is the fourth best hand in Texas Hold’em. This is achieved by having three of one card value and two of another card value. For instance if you have three cards with a two value and two with the five value. All the cards in your hand will be matched to at least one other card so you would have a full house. Again with this if there is more than one full house the player with the larger matching cards will be the winner. So make sure you have the highest cards as possible in your full house.

Step 5

A flush would be the fifth best card hand in Texas Hold’em. This is achieved by having all five cards in the same suit. The face value has little to do with the end results as long as you have the highest card if there are more than one hands having a flush.

Step 6

The sixth best hand would be the straight. This is the same as the second hand however they do not have to be from the same suit. For this you just need to make sure you have five cards in sequence. Again with this one the hand with the top card will win if there are more than one hands that achieve the straight status.

Step 7

Three of a kind is the seventh Texas Hold’em high hand. This is achieved by having three cards with the same face value. The person with the highest three of a kind would be the winner in this hand. If there are more than one person with a three of a kind the “kicker” or other cards in the hand will be used to determine the highest hand and the winner of the pot.

Step 8

A pair is a Texas Hold’em hand that is achieved by having two cards with the same face value in one hand. This is one of the most common hands when playing poker. The hand with the highest pair will be the winner.

Step 9

If there are no matches or none of the hands qualify as a pair, straight, or flush the winner would be determined by the top card in the hand. The Ace is always listed as the top card followed by the King, Queen, and Jack. After that is goes by the value of the card. If there are matches for the highest hands the pot would be split between the top hands.


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