How to pack a car for a long trip

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There is excitement in the air and packing is nothing more or less than semi-organized chaos.  And once your bags are packed, you have to somehow get all of those suitcases, presents and other extras into the car with room to fit all of the people!

  1. Pack anything that is large and heavy on the bottom of the trunk.  In this way, nothing delicate or light will end up crushed beneath the weight of heavier objects.  It avoids breaking things or squashing things, especially in the case of presents.  You don’t want someone’s holiday gift being broken before they receive it.
  2. Put anything not immediately needed once the heavy objects are packed.  This will avoid unnecessarily unpacking the whole trunk to try getting to something you might need for an overnight stay in a hotel.
  3. Put the things you don’t need in the car with the family, but do need for an overnight stay in a hotel, in the trunk on top of the rest.  Make sure you have an overnight bag here if you need to stay in a hotel for a night or two.  The overnight bag should contain a change or two of clothes and necessary toiletries.
  4. Depending on the number of seats you have and how many people will be in the car, keep the needed seats clear, but pack a cooler with some snacks and drinks in the car.  If you plan to avoid restaurants along the way, make sure you have enough simple meals like sandwiches packed and that you also remember to add some snacks like apples or carrots.  Put the cooler either on the floor at someone’s feet or on an unneeded seat.
  5. Keep warm clothes like a coat where you can easily get to them if needed.

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