Guide to Beginner WoW Druid Tips

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Druids in World of Warcraft have been described as the “Swiss Army Knife” of classes. They can fill the role of heal, tank, or DPS – the 3 major roles in the game — and they can switch between roles as needed.

Playing a druid well requires a player who can adapt to the situation in which his group finds itself. Knowing how to tank and heal, using the class’s variety, and managing mana when in night elf or druid form are druid tips that will help a character play the class better.

1. Know How to Tank and Know How to Heal

The first druid tip is for the player of a druid character to know how to fill the 2 main roles that are expected of the class in the game. Being a DPS spell caster is not as important to the druid, as warlocks and mages have higher DPS ratings, and although 2 other classes are available to tank and 3 other classes can heal, competition for the spots is not as intense as that for the DPS slots in a group and many groups will disband for lack of either.

Depending on how the druid chooses to spend his talent points, he may fill one role better than another but a druid who can heal and tank will be able to fill 2 vital group roles.

2. Use the Variety the Class Offers to Keep from Getting Bored

The second druid tip is to use the variety of the class to keep a character’s interest in the class. The Druid may be a jack-of-all-trades and usually master of only one, but it appeals to players who easily become bored with a single play style. Using this druid tip to its full effectiveness in World of Warcraft will help keep it interesting for the player.

3. Mana Management Is Important for Casting Forms

The third druid tip is for characters to learn how to manage mana in their night elf or tauren forms. The bear form gains rage and the cat form uses energy. Managing mana will help the druid fulfill the role of healer of DPS caster. More often than not the druid will be called upon to be a backup healer if he is not restoration specialization, but the moonkin form in the balance tree puts the druid slightly below the mage and warlock in DPS capabilities.

4. Adapt Any Advice Here To Suit a Character’s Play Style

It is not possible to do a comprehensive list of druid tips here that would cover every situation. The World of Warcraft forums maintained by Blizzard and the unofficial World of Warcraft forums are good places for players to pose questions and get advice on their specific classes.


World of Warcraft Druid PvP Guide


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