America’s Race Problem

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Americans seem to believe that everyone in the world has the
same race problem they do. Regardless of the evidence or how
it deviates from expectation, Americans interpret it to match
their assumption.

Malcolm X, on his pilgrimage to Mecca, was astounded by the
fact that Muslims were Muslims, whatever color or ethnicity.
He expected them to look at him as a ‘Negro’, but all they
saw was a brother Muslim.

Because he realised the brainwashing he experienced in
America, (by both black and white), did not accurately
portray reality, he became a liability to those who wished
to maintain the fallacy.

Over forty years later, a conference on ‘Racism’ was to
be held in Africa. It was changed to ‘Ethnicity’ simply
because the philosophy of racism did not exist in Africa.

Racism is a philosophy of new vintage. Those who would to
explore the basis can turn to Potter’s theory of linguistics
enlarged upon by DeGobineau.

Racism was developed to create a logical basis for the
African slave trade which was being practiced at the time.

It can not be overstated; racism did not exist when Shakespeare
wrote his plays. Hence we are looking at a philosophy which
is relatively new in human history, only taking real form in the
eighteenth century, limited to those who needed a justification
for slavery and perpetuated today by those who seem unable
to appreciate it is neither of long vintage nor widespread.

Racism, as any class/caste philosophy is part of the
divide and conquer mentality.

For example, a person born in Europe in the sixteen
hundreds knew his ‘place’. He was of a particular
class and his options predetermined.

Although the serf was of the same race and might share
the genes of the Baron, he was treated as property.

It was not skin color which determined who was master
and who was slave; it was birth.

History reveals the thousands of years in which people
were ‘tied’ to the land in Europe, and were purchased
with the property.

It was not until the Plague in the 1300s when so many
people died that the serfs were able to walk off the
land, go to towns and find employment.

To believe only Africans were slaves is to repudiate
thousands of years of history.

Circassian slaves, mentioned often in historical
documents, were from the Caucus mountains in
Europe. They were white, in many cases blonde.

Harems in the middle east and Africa were full of these
slaves. So it’s very true to say that there was a time
in history that Africans owned Europeans.

However, the idea that the European slave was inferior
to the African master had no requirement as Africans
did not need to ‘justify’ slavery.

Losing a war, for example, meant the conquered became
slaves of the conqueror. The Hebrews who went into Egypt
to escape a famine became slaves to the Pharaohs. The
Greeks took slaves from every corner of their world.

The difference, of course, is that there was no sense
that the conquered were inferior to the conqueror, for
there was no need to find intellectual basis for enslavement.

What has happened in America is that the need to justify
why Africans were enslaved created the philosophy of

This philosophy permeates so much of the American psyche,
both black and white, it is almost unconquerable.

Once writing about a business I was troubleshooting,
the instant inference of my American readers was that
the boss and other officials were white.

The idea that everyone in the article was Black never
occurred to African Americans.

It is this inability to recognise that in other parts of the
world Black skinned people hold power, are millionaires
(not by sports or music, but by business acumen) is
science fiction to those who have fully inculcated the
American ‘Dream’.

That a Black man could become President must totally
capsise the mental slaves who will find it hard to blame
their shortcomings on skin colour.


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