Ten Guys You Shouldn’t Mess With

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Ok, folks, as you know, nothing is sacred with Bo Jack, well, that’s not really true, but not afraid to touch on many subjects, been on a bit of a list kick for a few days, and The comments are great among our happy little community, and there is nothing funnier to me than seeing you guys bicker back and forth, myself included, hopefully all in good fun.

So, Bo Jack is not really a person to be messed with, especially behind the wheel of his truck.

But here’s a list of people more or less you Don’t want to mess with, ever.

1) Shaquille O’Neal. This man may be the largest human being on the planet, at close to 7’2” tall and built like a Mac truck, he could probably snap your neck with his fingers, or pick you up and snap your back in half, and then take you to dinner and give you a new Hummer or something.

2)Superman. Now Superman must be half Italian, because we are all made of steel and can not be defeated in battle, and ice flows through our veins, just ask one of us. Didn’t you guys see “ROCKY”?

I still say an M1Abrham could flatten him though. Westbrook, you with me on that one?

3)Chuck Norris. This guy is like 70,and can still kick the living shit out of anybody. He really can. He has broken more jaws than the shark in the “Jaws” movies.

4)Steven Segal. This guy is a real life badass. He lived and trained in Japan, and truly is certified as a “Master“. This guy can mess you up so many different ways, that after you tangle with him, you’ll be like Humpty Dumpty .After you fall off the wall, all the kings horses and all the kings men & doctors can’t put you back together again.

5)Lou Ferrigno. Again, the Italian factor, plus the fact the he is the real” Incredible Hulk” and would eat Eric Bana for a snack. In real life, this man weighs close to 400 pounds and would probably come out the winner in a toe to toe match with a mean and hungry grizzly bear.

6)Mike Tyson. This man is the most feared puncher in the history of boxing. Early in his career, he dropped people with one body shot in the first round several times. The old schoolers know he was more feared than Frazier, Forman, Ali and Norton in their primes. Sure, his career turned into a parody, but he still makes tons of money. Can the average Joe say that? I think not. Not only that, but once he bounces your face off the ground, he will probably rape you too.

7) Jet Li. This little mini me guy reminds me soooo much of Bruce Lee,(God rest his soul) I almost think it’s him. He is like 5’ tall at best, but can jump up over you, literally beating you up one side and down the other. He can hit you like 537 times before you realize you are on the ground and bleeding, and can’t breath, and now you hear the ambulance coming.

8)Arnold Swartzennegar. The Terminator, The Govenator, whatever you want to call him. This guy is a mix between Lou Ferrigno and Jack LaLanne. He can rip your arms off, beat you about the head & shoulders with them, while doing jumping jacks in between the blows. Then he can jog a couple miles and beat you some more. Arnie’s getting older, but make no mistake about it, this guy is in peak physical condition. Ever see him fight in movies? I know they are movies, but can you imagine getting hit by this guy?

He really can pick you up and throw you through a wall.

9)Wesley Snipes. Another true to life bad ass Mother. A black belt, a tough guy, a perfect body, works out like a possessed maniac, doesn’t pay his taxes and in jail now. Sucks to be him right now. Maybe those martial arts are being put to good use right now.

10)This was a tie between Rocky Balboa and Bo Jack. Well, I’m the author so I win, and I can rhyme as you know, and my lip isn’t all curled up and I don’t sound stupid when I talk. So now I tell you about him

Bo Jack will fight like a maniac, on the attack, knock you on your back, beat your eyes black, you will hear your neck crack, feel many a pounding smack, I will not hold back, as beating is my knack, I’ll give you one more whack, and then everything goes black. Then you wake up in a body cast.

Hope you liked it everybody!!!!!!!


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