Where to Begin If You Want to Write a Book

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Go to a library to check out books about writing and how to write.  Read as many books as you can find to learn about the process of writing a book.  Proceed to perform the writing exercises offered in each book.  Read the books about grammar, editing and style in book writing.  A couple of good finds are The Writer’s Path, by T. Walton & M. Toomay and The Keys to Great Writing by Stephen Wilbers.

Review as much information as possible on the Internet.  Tap into all the resources available by accomplished writers on the Internet.  There are a ton of writers groups out there, forum boards, online classes and software for vital editing.  Log on to all the following websites, plus all others you can find to jumpstart your writing career. 

  • www.Craigslist.com (search for writer’s groups)
  • www.writers.com
  • www.writersonlineworkshops.com
  • dictionary.reference.com/writing/
  • http://www.internet-resources.com/writers/
  • Stylewriter – software available

Take courses in writing and communication, as well as any available training for aspiring writers.  Check your local college or community college for all available classes.  The genre you choose to take your class in is irrelevant because you are just learning how to further develop your writing.

Join a writers group.  They usually meet in libraries, local colleges and local restaurants/ shops.  You can also use www.craigslist.com to locate some of your local writers groups. 

Now the next, most important step of all is to sit down and write.  Block yourself out some time on a daily basis to let your creativity flow, organize your thoughts and simply just put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard).  For beginners, start out with a block of 15 to 30 minutes working yourself up to an hour or two a day.  Most books start out with around 300,000 words, which is equivalent to 4 pages a day.  So, on that level you could complete your first manuscript within a matter of 6 months.


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