A Review of Gamefly

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Gamefly.com is a great website in which you are able to rent video games without having to leave your home.  For a monthly charge, you are able to rent unlimited games in which Gamefly will mail them right to your home.  Once you are done with a video game, just send it back to them in a prepaid package and they will send another one of your choice in the mail.  It’s that simple.

Their service is used by many across the United States.  They also ship from several different warehouses around the country, so you do not have to wait a long time for the games to come in the mail.  The trick is to keep your queue, or waiting list filled with video games you would like to play.  That way, as soon as they receive your game, a new one from your list will be on the way.

You can have up to two video games out per time.  This is nice because if you have more than one person in your household that likes video games you can have more than one game out.  You only have to send one game back to get another, so if one person isn’t done playing the other one does not have to wait.

It is also nice that it doesn’t cost you a penny to mail the items back to them, they mail them with prepaid shipping envelopes.  You just tear apart the envelope and it is ready to be mailed back to Gamefly.  It is all built into the cost of the monthly subscription.

There are also different plans you can choose from depending on how many video games you want out at a time.  If you have a large family that loves to play video games a lot, you may want to choose a higher plan so that everyone can have a game to play at the same time.  If this is something just for a family night, you may want a lower plan.

Gamefly.com is also the most popular online video game rental company, and they have the largest selection of video games available to rent.   You can find the latest releases, as well as old classics.  Just update your account with what systems and games you have played, and they will make recommendations to you of games you might like.  It makes selecting a video game to try a breeze.

This is a great way to try video games before you buy.  As a Gamefly member you are able to purchase the games you rent, and they will mail you the case for it.  Therefore, if you rent a game that you really enjoy, just pay for it online and you can keep it.  If you are looking for an easy way to rent video games, this is the place to go.


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