Where to Find Classic Literature and Novels Online for Free

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There are thousands of books available online for you to enjoy — and many of them can be downloaded for free!

  • Ready to tackle Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment? Or perhaps you’d like to settle in on a rainy day and read something entertaining, like The Great Gatsby. Both of these, as well as hundreds more are available at www.planetebook.com. You can even suggest new titles you’d like to see them add to their download library, and sign up for their newsletter.
  • At www.Planetpdf.com you can download favorites like A Tale of Two Cities, Around the World in 80 Days, Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, and many more. You also have the option of downloading in standard or tagged pdf format. Tagged PDF files will display well on handheld devices and work better with the screen-reader devices used by many blind and other disabled users.
  • At www.librivox.org you can choose to dowload books for reading or listening. Download children’s classics like Little Women or Aesop’s Fables in mp3 format, and you’ve got instant entertainment on family road trips!  You can also download audio versions of the Bible or even The Art of War.  Look for audiobooks in Spanish, German and French too!  Teachers and history buffs can enjoy great titles such as Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 speech at Coopers Union, 

    ** Librivox uses volunteers to record book chapters, so you may have different readers for multiple chapters.

  • To download your books or audio files, right-click on the selected link and choose ‘Save Target As’. 

Happy Reading!


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