Zombieland or Your Guide on Surviving in the United States of Zombies

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Now imagine a world where not only the fittest survive, but also anyone who bewares of public bathrooms! Call it crazy, or call it Rule 4! I call it, Welcome to the marvelous movie Zombieland. As the director Ruben Fleischer said, it was inspired by the great zombie- parody/ comedy film Shaun of the Dead, starring Pegg Simon.

The initial setting is pretty much the same as in any zombie- movie. The human world was struck by a mysterious virus / disease, almost everybody else is dead / a zombie and you’re pretty much alone. The main character called Columbus ( played by a powerful Jesse Eisenberg ), is on his way to Columbus, Oh, to find out if his parents are still alive. As he’s driving an old Saab he needs to stop by a gas station. There he’s assaulted by a group of zombies, and he explains us ‘The Rules’, in a very comic way. As he runs away from them, it is shown that the first rule is Cardio! So he runs and runs and runs, just like the Energizer Bunny, until it’s safe for him to jump into his car. There another rule falls in place- Check the back seat! Some other rules are the aforementioned Beware of Bathrooms, always Double Tap (which simply means, if you hit it, hit it twice, just to be sure!!), the very comic Always Limber Up and the omnipresent Don’t Be a Hero rule.

While on his way, Columbus meets Tallahassee ( played by a brilliant Woody Harrelson ), and after initial tensions, they drive off together. Tallahassee himself, is on a crazy mission to find the last Twinkie on Earth!?! This thing alone is worth the money! While on their way they stop at a grocery store, where they meet con artist sisters Wichita ( played by Emma Stone ) and Little Rock ( played by Abigail Breslin ). At first they try to play out each other, a dispute wich they seemingly settle, only to end up in Bill Murray’s villa. This is obviously the funniest part of the movie, and one of the best cameo appearences (Bill Murray as Bill Murray) I’ve ever seen. Bill Murray is absolutely amazing. The movie ends with a big finale in Pacific Playland.

The verdict for this movie is buy it, rent it, watch it, do whatever you want but don’t miss it!



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