How to Set and Achieve HUGE Goals

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Step 1 – Make Your Goal Personal, Big, and in the Present Tense

For example, if you want set a goal to earn $3,000 a month online.  Then your goal would be, “I earn $3,000 a month from my online income.”  (This is one of my 2009 goals)

Step 2- Envision the Achievement of Your Goal

Multiple times a day envision what it will be like to achieve your goal.  Allow this to renew your motivation & focus.  For example, I envision the peace of mind I will have when I’ve achieved my goal of earning $3,000 a month online.

Step 3 – Set a Date for when You’ll Acheive your Goal

Set a deadline that is no more than a year away and is also in stone (unmovable).  Then set shorter-term milestones that insure that you are on the path to success.  For example, my deadline is 12/31/09.  In order to meet this goal, I will need to earn $30 in Jan-09, $60 in Feb-09, $120 in Mar-09…etc.

Step 4 – Write Down Your Goal Twice a Day

When you wake-up and before you go to sleep, write down your goal on paper.  This exercise will focus your subconscious on your goal when you are sleeping and when you are going about the rest of your day’s activities.  This may sound mysterious…  but it works.

Step 5 – Make Progress Every Day

Complete an action item that moves you closer to a milestone every day.  For example, every day I will do something to earn income online or related research.  This could be blogging, writing articles, selling on ebay, joining an affiliate program, completing surveys, pursuing joint ventures or researching new approaches.  Regardless of what I do, I will complete an action item every day.

Step 6 – Stay Focused & Never Give Up!!!

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!  Achieving a goal is a journey.  You can only fail by ending the journey too soon.

Step 7 – Being On Top of the World

Once you achieve your goal you should feel like you’re on top of the world.  YOU DID IT and now you should feel proud!


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