resoulutions you can live by

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Why is it that people make resolutions only to break them a week later? Are people making unrealistic goals for themselves? The truth is any habit good or bad takes thirty-one days to create or break. Along with lots of hard work. Some of the most difficult resolutions to keep are diets and losing weight. The reason people get lost in their everyday life and forget about the priorities that should come first in their life. When someone makes a resolution the easiest way to achieve the goals that they set are.

Make goals that are attainable also do not set goals to lose a specific amount of weight because there are different variables like stress and the holidays that can effect whether you are able to lose weight or change your diet. Another good idea is to be positive and commit to following a set schedule that you are unwilling change no matter what. When you decide to set these goals let, other people know about them so they can ask you how you are doing. Some of my goals are to get back on track daily and workout consistently. I used to run everyday but life got in the way. I would also like to get up earlier so I am able to achieve these goals. One other goal I have is to set a budget and stick to it. so, I can retire in style thirty years from now. Just remember everything you do is going to take time and effort and will not happen overnight.


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