How to defend angry monkeys?

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Some people might like monkeys. They keep them in their houses and they train them as a pet. Monkeys can be a friend to human but in another hand  they can be dangerous too.

There are many reports from different countries especially India that monkeys attack human. Actually monkeys are clever animals and like other animals they are scared of human but another fact is if they feel insecure they might act strangly. for example a female monkey which notice her baby is in danger might attack the person nearby or sometimes they just are interested in some objects and they act as a kid who is attracted to toys and shining objects such as gold, watches and sunglasses so one should be very careful when dealing with monkeys for example in hills, in tropical regions or in the forest or in a wild life park.

You should always keep in mind that the possibility of a monkey attack human is so low when they are alone but when in groups they can be dangerous so avoid acts that may stimulate their anger such as playing or just going near their babies or eating food in front of a bunch of hungry monkeys or holding an moving a shining object in front of them.

When a monkey show its teeth it doesn’t mean it’s smiling at you .it can be a thread to make you scared so try not to smile at them or show your teeth because they will perceive it as a warning for war.try to be calm get far from them don’t scream or make too much of noise try to make an “O” with your mouth and elevate your eyebrows don’t look at their eyes directly. In most cases that can be enough to send them away.


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