A Letter of assistence

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My Dear Correspondent,

Your help is the reason I write. I have seemed to have placed myself in a predicament and now I’m in great need of advice. Somehow I have managed to put my heart in a bind. Even worse, is i now feel, what  I’d ordinarily deny. Such a careless situation caused by no other then me. So devastating is how I knew better, but fell still for the unguaranteed.

Trusted confident, please give your opinion, do you have any wise words to lend? I’m asking for guidance is there any assistance, that to me you can quickly send? I’m desperate to know how to calm things and possibly find a way to go back. I’m afraid of the happiness he lays upon me. Tell me how not to get to attached. Please don’t misunderstand me, it’s exciting that I can once again care. Whats makeing me nervous and has me uncertain is how  what he feels I’m all but aware. I have not the courage to ask him, so I’m left wanting him in confusion. Thinking he’s interested , hoping he likes me and praying that both aren’t just delusions.

My good friend do you see now? Do you comprehend my request for directions? Will you explain in detail what I must do, to take control of this sudden affection. Aide me in preventing any heartache, that i’m sure to me will be done. I’ve already slowly began preparing, for what painful thing may come. Honestly great but unfortunate, what he bought on me was a complete surprise. Dear friend I am begging you, can you help me, so when it ends I don’t cry.

Please respond back quickly, do your best not to delay. I assure you this is urgent. Help me fix this dilemma I made.

Your correspondent,


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