A Comforting Thought

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Our brains are amazing lets face it and I was pleased to hear on the radio the other night that no matter how long we’ve been around learning anything at all from a new sport to an academic qualification, is always possible and is beneficial. When younger I could read ok but it was always a bit of a chore reading books, anything long, and because of this I didn’t want to read so much, as the actual reading effort overwhelmed what ever the content was, I would frequently have to go back and re-read. In the last 15 to 20 years however without any plan I’ve read more than ever and its a real pleasure now, the facts and stories sink in much quicker, the reward for exercising my mind.

The program in question told of a 78 year old man who’s busy studying for PhD’s and passing them. This comes as a bit of a relief as at the bottom of the stairs I have something in mind only to forget it by the time I’ve climbed them, and there is one thing I’m always having trouble with, I like baked potatoes and usually have four at a sitting but always end up puncturing them twice over because I forget which ones I’ve already done, sad but true.

Years ago I observed an old lady weighing a lettuce in a supermarket and thought it quite funny, but realise now we all have our own little worlds going on at any age. To make up for laughing at this lady and because I now think it may be a good way of discovering if there are any unwanted slugs etc in your lettuce, I relate the following.

Not so long ago I went to an ATM to check my balance, to see if my wages had gone in I think, I put my card in and got a balance slip out but as far as I was concerned the machine had kept, swallowed my card, it was a Sunday and the bank was closed (thank god) and I then spent a good 3 minutes swearing at the machine, fiddling with its buttons and warning people not to use the machine, before that is, looking in my wallet and finding said card sitting snugly in its usual place. This is a popular one with my family as some of them where with me at the time and it is shoved my way anytime I win an argument, such is life.

I have never heard anyone mention this but I think there must be some kind of embarrassment zone in the brain, probably next to the bit that remembers phone numbers, that is triggered in order to balance out any clever moment we think we may be having, the pavement trip, spilling of drinks, the incoherent speech when your boss comes round along with the strategic blanking of memory I think are triggered by our pride.


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