Which team is likely to end the Lakers and Celtics dominance

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The La Lakers and the Boston Celtics are back to where most people believe they belong, at the top of the two conferences. Although the Phoenix Suns and Orlando Magic accompany them at the top, they look stronger to overthrow their closest opponent.

At the start of the season, the Lakers and the Celtics didn’t waste time taking the lead of the two conferences, however they found themselves relinquishing that position to the likes of the Suns, Hawks, Nuggets and the Magic who added different tempo to the game. After the sudden drop of the Nuggets and the Hawks at the top of the respective conferences, the big question is, “do those four teams have what it takes to withstand the Lakers and Celtics dominance?”

The Phoenix Suns, who are yet to lose at home, have made it clear they are the Lakers biggest challengers in the western conference. Losing against the Lakers, in the battle of who is the best in the west, really put then down but it’s amazing how they quickly regrouped and it’s not by a stroke of luck that they are now at the top.

The Suns next fixture at home against the Cavaliers will certainly test their perseverance. Before this big game, they will travel to Madison Square Garden to meet the New York Knicks who have managed three wins so far. For the Cavaliers, their seesaw performance looks as if it’s on the verge of stabilizing.

Last week was probably the best for the Orlando Magic, after missing severally the top slot in the Eastern Conference, they eventually got it in style when they defeated the Hawks in a rather tense match. The presence of Vince Carter without a doubt has added more strength to the team this season. It will be interesting to see how long they will stay at the top.

If last week belonged to the Magic then it was the worst week for the Atlanta Hawks. They not only lost their number one position but also they saw their seven game winning streak at home come to an end, at the hands of the Magic. Matters became a bit worse when they lost to the Detroit Pistons. The Hawks true fighting credentials will be proved if they are able to reclaim their fallen status.

Despite the fact that Nuggets have not firmly gripped the top with both hands, they are a team that can’t be overlooked. The Nuggets surge is making the Lakers and the Suns to remain on their toes. Camello Anthony season high of 50 points is just incredible. He is one of the players whose season has got off to a good start.

On the rumours scene, Allen Iverson might be back on the court very soon because he is having talks with the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers performance has been quite dismal. They have managed five wins only, something that has made the management feel desperate for a turn around. Are the 76ers ready to put their difference aside with their former player and call him to help them put their season on track? Watch this space.


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