Top Gifts to Buy Girls age 5-12

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1. Toy Digital Cameras – A toy digital camera, such as the Barbie Cameras and such, are a great gift for younger girls. It will show their creative side, while still being fun. A toy digital camera is suggested, because it will take hits and falls to the ground a whole lot better than a real expensive camera.

2. Barbie dolls – While the toys now days mostly have some sort of tiny robotic build, a classic Barbie doll will still be a great gift to your little girl. Make sure to buy some accessories to go with that Barbie! *Becareful of choking hazzards*

3. Video games for girls – Again I will bring up Barbie, but you are not limited to her only. Try Dora the Explorer, Max and Ruby, Ni Hao, Kai-lan, and ect.

4. Make Your Own Candy Jewelry – Sooner or later your little girl is going to get interested in jewelry. So why not buy her very own Candy Jewelry set that she gets to be the boss of designing and creating with your help. A great gift that you can create, and maybe eat later.

5. Crazy Forts – When I was little, my sister and I would create these forts out of blankets and pillows that would cover the entire room. We had fun doing this, but it was a disaster to clean up. Crazy Forts is an easy alternative to letting your child have fun pretending to make a fort, with no hassle of a big mess to clean up.

6. Girls Dress Up costume sets – We girls love to play dress up. It’s a known fact among all of us. So why not buy a costume set for your little girl? If you have more than one daughter then this will be a great gift to them all. Let them share and take turns wearing the costumes. Ex:

7. Art sets – Got a creative kid on your hands. Want to keep the walls clean from her drawing all over them? Then an art set, complete with paper or a canvas, is what you need. An art set will make any child happy, and keep them busy for hours while enlightening their creative minds. It’s never too late to perfect talent.

8. Dora the Explorer ‘Links’ Web Doll. “By plugging the Dora Links doll into a computer, girls can access Dora’s brand-new, exclusive interactive online world. And, through this exciting new innovation in computer-connected play, as girls are playing with Dora in her online world, they can customize their doll and watch as she magically transforms right before their eyes. For example, by changing Dora’s hair length online, the Dora Links doll magically changes as well. Plus, as girls explore and solve online mysteries, the doll’s speech will change to correspond with their play. The Dora Links doll also has a magical alert system; she knows when new mysteries have been added to Even when the child is away from the computer playing with the doll, she will let girls know what new things are happening on the website. Additionally, there is a wide range of accessories (sold separately) that work with the Dora Links doll, to not only expand traditional offline doll play, but to also expand the online experience as well.” -As described by

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