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Sometime in  life we all come to a point when we realize that everything you’ve experienced thus far on your path of understanding comes to a fork in your road of life and you have a choice, a choice to take the pathway that will take you where you were destined to be or take the lesser road and accomplish only a small amount of what your destined to achieve. Why do you even question it? Why do you even hesitate? Do your fears seem too great and you think the simple life is meant for you? Don’t ever be afraid to embrace life, grab hold of the unknown and take charge.

Don’t let life shape you and the person you are, be the person you are and shape life the way you wish it to be. Change life; change it for the better, not just for yourself but for humanity, for that’s what we are all here for. We are all here to evolve and to help humanity evolve, its just most people don’t realize this or they do and they don’t want to believe they are here for a great purpose. We are all meant for “great” things but most keep they’re mind closed to the realization that they can truly change the world for the better. If you do decide to embrace the realization of your destiny don’t go forth on the presumption that it will lead you to amazing wealth or notoriety, on the premise that it will bring you fame.

Go forth on the belief that you are going to change humanity in a magical world changing way and riches and fame will follow suit. Also don’t assume riches will fill your pockets with wealth, riches come in many forms and most times the riches brought to your heart can fill your soul with much more happiness than any amount of money could ever bring to you. Has having money in your life brought you a greater smile than being loved? Love is the greatest and most treasured richness of all.

We all have different destinies and some will bring more to your life than others but we all have the same goal to achieve, to spread and share love. Love is the greatest gift of all and this world is always in need of more. Maybe your destiny is to be world renowned, to be respected by all and change every single person’s life in the world or maybe your destiny is to change only one person’s life. Is one really better than the other? No, neither is of greater value. If that one person means the world to you than put every ounce of hope, love, understanding, support, encouragement and trust into their hands and watch it grow into an unsurpassed sharing of emotion and eternal love.

Even if that doesn’t happen don’t ever give up hope, lost love hurts like nothing else but time heals like none other and life goes on. “True Love” will never die, it may question sometimes but the fire that burns bright in your hearts would and could never be extinguished. There is no such thing as a “lost love,” only love that was never there. Eternal Love is just that, eternal. Perhaps circumstances will guide you apart, days, weeks, months or even years may separate you but the love you share will always guide you to each others arms again. Love is not to be “understood,” it is to be cherished and respected. If you spend your time trying to understand love and feel the need to figure out why it is happening to you and why you feel the way you do then you’ll lose sight of what it really is. Love is love that is what it is.

Hold your loved ones close to your heart always. If the special person you share your love with wants to let you go then don’t try to stop them, let them go on their way in life and learn for themselves. If you love someone let them go and if they return then it was meant to be. People learn in different ways and if your special person feels the need to go about and experience other people then kiss them goodbye for now and know that if the love that you shared was “real” then its only a matter of time before they realize in their heart that they had what they thought they needed, what they went looking for right in your heart and if you really honestly truly love them then you will understand they’re needs, support their decision and accept them back into your life when their heart guides them back to you and they beg for your forgiveness.

Don’t make them beg because that’s not love, stand before them, wearing the shirt they bought for you years ago, that smile that you only share with them and tell them to not speak a word, take their hand, whisper in their ear that you have been counting the days till their return. Tell them that you have wished upon every star, every night since you last saw them to bring them back to you and your dream has come true. Just as true love is not to be understood, true love does not understand time, be it years past since you last held your twin soul in your arms it will feel as though no time was lost because none has. Don’t deny your heart of what it needs, don’t be afraid of being hurt again because you may just miss out on the most special thing your heart could and will ever experience.

Life Love
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Li   +  ve = Live
Life plus Love equals Live, Live as one with your someone and everything else will fall into place. Life is Love, Love is forever.


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