Simple Exercises to Lose Weight

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Proper diet with suitable exercises can do wonder to lose those extra calories. The important aspect for any exercise is cardio and toning characteristics for best result. Here are a few exercises to lose extra weight.



Aerobics can burn 800 calories per hour and they target mainly on hips, legs, and bum. One can get best result when it is done regularly. Another good exercise is bench presses, this is very difficult to perform at startup, but it is worth performing this exercise.


Bicycling can burn about 500 to 1000 calories per hour. This is an excellent calorie burner and it gives good result when it is done properly.


Swimming up and down the pool for one hour can actually burn 800 calories and it is also the best method to tone the body.

Elliptical Burner

Elliptical burner can burn about 600 calories per hour and it is the good cardio exercise. This exercise also helps to build strong muscles and also tones the stomach to get perfect figure.


Walking is the best and easiest exercise that burns about 360 calories per hour. Brisk walking tones hips, stomach, and legs. This is one of the good cardio exercises and walking uphill or across mountains burns more calories.


Dancing can reduce 600 to 800 calories per hour and it works all over the body. Dancing not only burns calories, but also makes an individual active and stress-free.


There are many postures of yoga that helps to reduce extra calories. Some of them are pranayam, kapalbhati, padmasana, and savasana.


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