Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

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Take it from a professional wedding coordinator, me, you need a wedding planner. Do you need to pay a professional wedding planner? Absolutely not. At the height of my career, I was doing anywhere from six to ten weddings per month. I worked with a staff of three – me, myself and I – and that was a lot of work. Crazy thing about that, two thirds of the couples who paid for my services, did not need me. Why didn’t they need me? I only work part-time now, about twelve to thirty weddings per year, so I’ve got the time to explain…

Mothers of the bride are usually supportive. Politely tell her to shut up, this is your wedding and not her wedding and move on. If she is over the age of thirty, chances she has been married (with a wedding ceremony), has participated in a wedding (bridesmaid, guest book attendant, etc.), been to a wedding as a guest, or seen a wedding in a movie or on television. If she has done just one of those things, she is qualified to help her daughter. Once you set the ground rule of “this is my special day, not yours” it is smooth sailing.

Friends of the couple are also qualified to help plan a wedding. The same requirements apply to friends that apply to the mother of the bride. Most are eager to give you tips on what you should do so your wedding will go off without any problems. They are even more eager to give you tips on what you should not do to so your wedding will go with off without any problems. Pay attention; take notes. They probably know what they are talking about. If they don’t know what they are talking about, still listen to them. Those things are what you should avoid and you need to know them just as much as things you should embrace…To read more, please visit


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