Pornography and Marriage

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Someone once asked Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States, if he had ever cheated on his wife. His response was honest, “Only in my mind.” He understood his wife. She believed that it is not just actually being with another woman that constitutes infidelity; it also includes what goes on in a husband’s mind and heart. Many women agree with her. Sometimes, what happens in a husband’s mind can be more personal and intimate than any affair could ever be. Wives should do all that is possible to keep their husbands from being involved in any type of pornography – movies, magazines, websites, etc.

Marriage is between one man and one woman. Pornography undermines this. Being married and keeping that marriage happy and fulfilled is difficult enough without the added strain of bringing others into the sacred union. Pornography does that. It invites others, total strangers, into a relationship that does not and should not involve others. Yes, that includes in-laws and children. They are part of the family, not the marriage.

Pornography can breed doubt in a marriage. The husband may start doubting if he is truly happy or if “the grass is greener.” It can also cause the woman to doubt her self-worth and her self-image. They can both begin to doubt if their marriage is truly what it should be. Just as with other people, there is not room for doubt in marriage; doubt that has a physical presence – the movies, the magazines and the websites (not to mention the bills for those websites)…To read more, please visit


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