Search Engine Optimization for Internet Marketing

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SEO is a ranking system designed by search engines to produce the best results to a search engine keywords search.  The ranking system uses an algorithm that consists of many factors and variables.

Applying different SEO strategies can allow for a favorable ranking among the search engines.  Keywords density, titles, inbound links, META Tags and keyword prominence are just the biggest factors used by search engines to rank websites, but not all the factors.

Keywords density is how many times your keywords appear in your content.  Keywords prominence is knowing how to include keywords in embedded HTML code (META Tags) and in your website content.  Keywords need to be properly placed in the beginning of your website to effectively utilize the SEO advantages.

Place inbound links on other high-ranking websites because the ranking system uses the actual ranking of the website that hosts your inbound link to determine the ranking value of your inbound link.

Now that you understand the basic SEO concepts, you need to realize why the SEO rankings are so important.  Internet users perform millions of searches on search engines every day.  These users mainly only visit the top listed results to their inquiry.  So, if you are not optimizing your website, you are losing not only free advertisement but the potential for unlimited web traffic.

It is in your best interest to recruit the assistance of a SEO professional to effectively optimize your website for search engines.  Just think that next time someone types in a vital keyword regarding your business, you may actually get his or her business instead of the competition.


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