How To Listen

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1. Respect for the other person. Respect them enough to listen to them and not multi-task. Remove distractions and tune in to what this person is saying. Eye contact is important. Turn down or off music or television. Remove anything else that can take your mind away from what is being said. Give them the respect you would like to receive from them.

2. Meditation. Calm yourself. Picture yourself walking through a forest. Only the sounds of birds and animals. Or mentally place yourself in a place where you can relax. Be quiet and reflective. Take some time to listen to your own thoughts and what is in your head. A busy mind does not make a good listener. Empty your mind of thoughts and emotional feelings. This will help you hear what the other person is saying.

3. Too much stuff. Life is busy and full of so much we have to interact and be a part of that it is hard to separate it all and strive to say what we need to say. Practice what you want to say. Run it through your mind so that when the time comes you will be able to express yourself. If it is a difficult subject then rehearsing is a good way to make your side of the conversation seem more realistic and true.

4. Relevance. What is important? Try to calm your mind and concentrate on what is being said instead of trying to get what you want to say in over the other person. Talking over other people is rude and non-productive. Pause when they are finished and revisit what you need to say.

5. Take it home. Respect in the home. Be a good role model. Listen to your children. Their little lives may seem of little monumental importance. But they need to hear and be heard. Come down to their level and listen to them just like we demand from them.


*Eye contact. Concentrate. Contribute to the conversation. Ask appropriate questions. This shows you are listening and apart of it.

* A calm voice, void of nasty language will help you to listen and be listened to.


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