Lets Stay in!

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My children and I are going to stay at home where it is safe for New Years. We may play a few games, run around the house like indians and cowboys, watch a movie,  discuss what it means to move from 2008 to 2009 and maybe we will toast in the new year with some sparkling apple cider. Heck we may even make confetti and throw it all over the house and eachother. That to me is holiday spent well, memories made that will last a life time. Whatever we choose to do together will be acceptable. As long as we are together.

I am going to try and dedicate that day to my family and call at least three people that I care for and tell them how much I love them, and appreciate them. Because the New Year should be rung in with love. I want to slow down and see things the way they really are and I want to stop the rush and go that tends to tare time apart at the seems until everything is done in haste.

And then another year is done and gone…..

This New Year.. I want to love more, myself ,my children, and the people in my life, even if I don’t understand some of the ways in which they live I want to love them the way God loves me.

I will be spending time praying for my neighbors as there will be at least 50 people over there drinking and doing God knows what. I could use prayer of protection as well, people do strange things when they are intoxicated and for some reason they think it’s a great time to drive. These are very young adults and I pray for there safety and others that they may put at risk.

Please be safe this holiday and use your noggin….

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!


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