How To Help Motivate Friends With Their Exercise Program

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1. Being sensitive. Try to keep your language neutral and sensitive. This new lifestyle may be a new topic for conversation and being sensitive, understanding, thoughtful and supportive makes your friend more open to your input. This in turn will assist in influencing and motivating your friend along the road of activity and exercise.

2. Be a good role model. It is much easier for your friend to be consistent and feel motivated if you are a good role model. Show them everyday how easy it can be to incorporate these new ideas and activities into their new way of life. By taking care of yourself and making healthier choices they are more apt to stay with the program themselves.

3. Friendship makeovers. If you have been friends for many years then you know your friends vices. Your friendship has been built on time you enjoy spending together and if you can create times spent together that involve more activity you are helping to move things in the right direction. Try to revitalize the friendship with healthy eating habits and new activities. You might discover some new things you will both enjoy doing that will bring a new level to your relationship.

4. Being positive. This is one of the many ways you can help your friend , but you must be positive yourself. Input should be neutral if you do not agree. Speak facts and not just your opinion. Try to put forth definite ideas. Coach them, don’t preach to them. Be there for them with your positive influence and caring ear.

5. Being open minded. It can be very rewarding for you to see your friend go through these positive changes. If you are open minded to their ideas you will help them much more along their journey. Do not put them into rigid restraints because you think they need it. Be open minded to their individual way of doing things and help them to succeed along their journey. You will both benefit in the end.


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